For a sustainable future, we have to understand that the structure and design of our planet require that we operate within natural ‘laws’ and principles, rather than attempt to overcome them.  We have to see that ‘it’s all connected’, and that systems thinking requires us to think about our choices and actions over time.  We need to understand that the pursuit of self-interest is best served through the development of mutually beneficial relationships.  And we have to believe we are all responsible, and that intergenerational leadership and collective action are required.  Everything we do and everything we don’t do makes a difference."

Jamie Cloud
The Cloud Institute




"PEEC’s campus is the ultimate example of adaptive and innovative reuse. The Center has its origins as an old Poconos honeymoon resort that was seized under eminent domain, as part of the ill-fated Delaware River Tocks Island Dam Project. In 1972 PEEC’s cabins and public buildings were repurposed as a residential environmental education center. Subsequent replacement and refurbishment of buildings has created a campus that combines the environmental best practices of the new and the creative reimagining of the old."

PEEC Executive Director Jeff Rosalsky
Commentary: The Pocono Environmental Education Center -- Engaging Young Scientists, Sustainability in Action
Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, December 2013




PEEC's Dining Hall / Visitor Activity Center - Sustainable Design Features



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