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June 24 to June 28 - Into the Wild

Learn about all the different mammals we have in the area. 

July 1 to July 5 - Water World

Campers will be able to participate in fishing, canoeing, waterfall exploration, and pond searching. 

July 8 to July 12 - Winged Wonders

Dive into the birds, bats, and insects that fly past your heads. 

July 15 to July 19 - CSI Week

Become a Crime Scene Investigator for the week and help solve a wildlife mystery that has occurred on PEEC property! 

July 22 to July 26 - Recreation Fitness

While playing large games and fun sports, learn about how to make what you are doing more sustainable for the environment and your life.

July 29 to August 2 - Digging for Dinos

Come join us for a week of exploring different prehistoric creatures & geological history.

August 5 to August 9 - Animal Olympics

Campers will participate in different Olympics  events using animal adaptations from field races to frog collecting!

August 12 to August 16 - Outdoor Survival

Campers will learn about backpacking, purifying water, building shelters and fires, edible plants, animals to avoid, and practice fishing.



July 7 to July 12 - PEEC into Space

Come stay with us and enjoy the night sky! Campers will have the opportunity to sleep in late in the morning, and stay up late at night! 

July 14 to July 19 - Summer Survivor

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? Our new program will offer campers the opportunity to learn more about the outdoors and see how well they can survive in the wilderness. 

Sci-Q Project: June 16 to June 22 - Application Required

Students will interact with local college professors, hand-picked for their fun, approachable nature, as they showcase their research in a variety of fascinating fields. They'll also share their personal stories about the challenges and rewards of becoming scientists.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will give you a definite edge in this exciting career path. The program is limited to just 20 talented students who will be entering grades 8-10 in the fall of 2024. 

The Sci-Q Project  is funded by grants and donations. 

Nature Adventure Day Camp - Summer Camp Campfire 


 Age groups are based on the grade campers will be entering in fall 2024.


TADPOLE (4 - 5 years old) - $225

Our youngest group will focus on introducing your child to the outside world. 

POLLIWOG (1st - 2nd grade) - $225

Campers will get to explore PEEC through hiking, crafts, games, and more. 

WET AND SLIMY (3rd - 4th grade) - $225

Wet and Slimy campers will get to enjoy swimming and more water activities. 

JUNIOR NATURALIST (5th - 7th grade) - $250

Every Thursday evening, Jr. Nats will stay until 8pm for a campfire dinner.

SENIOR NATURALIST (8th - 10th grade) - $275

Every Wednesday, Sr. Nats will get to go rafting down the Delaware River.   


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