PEEC's Team Building and Leadership training sessions are designed to promote leadership, self-confidence, communication, & teamwork.

Team Building Brochure


Team Building programs consist of a series of challenging outdoor problems designed to foster leadership, self-confidence, communication, and teamwork within and among the members of any group.  The program requires participation of all team members to plan and execute the solutions to physically and mentally stimulating tasks. 


As a complement to the group-oriented tasks of the challenge course, team building programs may include low ropes elements, collectively referred to as the “Confidence Course.”  These activities develop trust within the group, as well as individual confidence. 

Each group’s Team Building experience will be different. The PEEC facilitator will design a program to suit the ages and abilities within the group. The focus of the program is on the process, so the number of activities completed may vary.

Our well-qualified staff is trained in all aspects of challenge/adventure education and will facilitate the Team Building and Leadership Training experiences at PEEC. 

Call PEEC for more information, rates, availability, or to schedule your Team Building program.  These sessions require a 3-hour commitment. Lunch and/or refreshments are also available upon request.  Casual, outdoor clothing, light-weight hiking shoes and /or sneakers are recommended.

Call PEEC for information at (570) 828-2319.

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