The best way to experience our environmental lessons is to visit PEEC for a hands-on adventure. If that is not possible, PEEC staff may be able to travel up to a hour to reach you OR have us visit VIRTUALLY via Zoom! 

"Stephanie came in to the fifth grade classroom as part of The American Readers Theatre's program focusing on the classic story of Charlotte's Web.  We had requested a presentation on spiders, and she was TERRIFIC. She really engaged the students. She went over the anatomy of a spider in a fun way, did an art project with them, and even brought in a real spider! The presentation was fun, and informative! Thank you Stephanie, and thank you PEEC!"  -- Ruth Hadley, American Readers Theatre

Our Outreach Programs can be booked November to March over our winter season. A 1 hour program for a class of 25-30 students is $100.  Additional time is $50 per 30 minutes. 

PEEC Into the Classroom

"PEEC Into the Classroom" is a great way to help your students learn naturally!  These 1 hour modules can be done outside, in-person OR virtually.   Grant funding is currently available for schools looking to maintain environmental education for during COVID-19. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on scheduling today! 

PEEC Into the Classroom In-Person Outreach Topics

PEEC Into the Classroom Virtual Outreach Topics

We can also customize curriculum if you would like a specific topic! Contact our Director of Education, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to have a custom program designed for you! 

Topics and Activities for Pre-K through 3rd Grade: 

  • Bat Study
    • Build a Bat (30mins): Learn the physical adaptations of our fuzzy, winged friends by dressing a classmate (or teacher) up!
    • Myths & Realities (30mins): Dispel common misconceptions of bats in this interactive presentation.
    • Bat Games (30mins): Get up and active as we demonstrate how bats travel in the dark.
  • Beaver Study
    • Build a Beaver (30mins): A fun and comical way to learn the adaptations of North America's industrious rodent.
    • Beaver Jeopardy (30mins): What is an undercoat? An exciting trivia game on beaver facts!
    • Life & Trial of Beavers: Role-play the life cycle of beavers and debate the benefits and downfalls of beaver endeavors.
  • Butterflies & Bugs
    • Build a Butterfly (30mins): Follow the life cycle of a caterpillar and make a butterfly to take home
    • Bug Bodies (30mins): Have story time with an insect and learn their body parts.
    • Life of a Bee (30mins): Interactive stations to see how busy bees really are!
  • Digging Geology
    • Rock or Mineral? (30mins): Learn about the types of rocks and sediments, then identify some minerals from our PEEC collection.
    • Geology Cycle (30mins): Travel through the stages of the rock cycle to learn about the earth's processes.
    • Fossil Fun (30mins): Explore and identify fossils, learn how they are created by making your own imprints!
  • Plant Life
    • Parts of Plants (30mins): Dissect seeds, learn the parts of a plants and start a seed to take home
    • Build a Tree (30mins): Lear the parts of trees through fun, interactive games
    • Leafing Out (30mins): Practice some ID skills by learning leaves and their trees.
  • Seasonal Survival
    • Signs of Change (30-45mins): Take a mini-hike outside to explore the typical changes during the season
    • Fur for Friends (15-30mins): How do animals stay warm? We'll compare pelts to find out how they survive.
    • Survival Basics (30mins): A seasonally appropriate storybook and we'll discuss the basics of animal survival
  • Water World
    • The Incredible Journey (30 mins, recommended for young students): Be a water droplet and travel through the water cycle.
    • Enviroscape (30-45mins, older students): Pinpoint pollution and investigate human impacts on water
    • H2Olympics (15-30mins): Get a little wet with these experiments on water properties.
  • Wildlife Study
    • Skins & Skulls (30-45mins): Reach out and touch with our artifact presentation on native animals.
    • Go Wild Games (30-45mins): Let's move to learn about domestic vs. wild, carrying capacity and food chains.
    • Tracks Galore (30mins): Learn about animal tracks and make one to take home
    • Graphananimal (30mins): Take a nature walk inside your classroom as we explore habitats of with native species.

Additional Offerings For Older Students (4th Grade & Up)

  • Town Meeting - Students simulate a meeting of community members with different interests in a piece of public land and try to convince the ‘panel’ that their interest in the land’s use is the best use of the property.  Develops individual opinions, personal values, and an understanding of how land-use decisions can be made.

  • Team Building through Group Initiatives - A series of challenges which promote team building, cooperation, and decision making within a group.  Students need to work together in order to accomplish the task with minimal help from teachers or staff.

Contact PEEC for availability, pricing, and to see how we might be able to tailor a program especially for you!

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