PEEC offers six trails that vary in distance and difficulty. All trails are loops that begin and end on the PEEC Campus. 

Hiking Trails are Open Daily Year-Round -- Dawn to Dusk 

Trail Maps are available outside the main building to the right of the front door or download the Trail Map PDF.

For your own safety and enjoyment, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Motorized vehicles and bicycles are prohibited on PEEC trails.
  • Remain on the marked trails.
  • Do not drink water from ponds and streams.
  • Dogs on the trails must be leashed at all times.
  • Public 
  • Remember: Take only pictures & leave only footprints

      National Park Service Leave No Trace video

WINTER HIKERS (November through February):  We encourage our winter hikers to be mindful of weather conditions and daylight hours before heading out and recommend you begin your walk by 2:00 pm.

Fossil Trail - Blue Blazed


  • Moderate Difficulty Level
  • 1 hour -- 1.03 miles
  • Fossil Trail begins with Tumbling Waters Trail across from Group Lodges A & B and ends at PEEC's amphitheater site.  Follow PEEC's campus road back to the main building.
  • Pass a vernal pool important for breeding amphibians and descend into a beautiful, mature hardwood ravine.
  • After crossing a small stream, the trail climbs back up the ravine.  Note a large sign depicting marine organisms found in the area hundreds of millions of years ago; these organisms can be found as fossils in the rock ledges to the right of the sign.
  • Please leave the fossils for others to admire.

View or Download the Fossil Trail Guide PDF.

Ridgeline Trail - Yellow Blazed 

  • Moderate Difficulty Level
  • 3 hours -- 3.63 miles
  • Ridgeline Trail begins at the forest edge of the front parking lot behind Cabin #1 and ends on the lower part of PEEC's campus.  Follow the campus road back to the main building.
  • Walk through expansive oak-hickory forests, shady hemlock ravines, and vernal wetlands
  • Hilly terrain -- where the trail courses over a rock ledge, additional care should be taken

View or Download the Ridgeline Trail Guide PDF.

Scenic Gorge Trail - Red Blazed 

  • Moderate / Easy Difficulty Level
  • 1 hour -- 1.5 miles
  • Scenic Gorge begins with Ridgeline Trail at the forest edge of the front parking lot behind Cabin #1 and ends along with Ridgeline Trail on the lower part of PEEC's campus.  Follow the campus road back to the main building.
  • Experience an open hardwood forest ecosystem & a dark, cool hemlock canopy along Spackman's Creek

View or Download the Scenic Gorge Trail Guide PDF

Tumbling Waters Trail - Orange Blazed


  • Moderate Difficulty Level
  • 2 hours -- 3.01 miles
  • Tumbling Waters begins with Fossil Trail across from Group Lodges A & B and ends at the parking lot in front of the Main Building.
  • At 1 mile, enjoy the beautiful overlook of the Delaware Valley & the Kittatinny Mountains in New Jersey
  • At 1.5 miles, take a series of switchbacks down to the waterfalls.  Climb back up the switchbacks to continue on the main trail, which quickly ascends Killer Hill.
  • Walk through a hemlock forest, a mixed oak forest, and a pine plantation before arriving at Pickerel Pond, approximately 10 minutes from the trail's end.

View or Download the Tumbling Waters Trail Guide PDF.

Two Ponds Trail - White Blazed 


  • Easy Difficulty Level
  • 1 hour -- 1.4 miles
  • Two Ponds begins by the Front Pond bird blind across from the main building parking lot and ends by the dining hall.
  • View towering pine plantations and two scenic pond environments.
  • Watch for various birds and wildlife along this trail.

View or Download the Two Ponds Trail Guide PDF.

Trail For Everyone - Purple Blazed 


  • Easy Difficulty Level
  • 20 minutes -- 0.3 mile
  • Trail for Everyone begins on PEEC's lower campus and is ADA accessible 
  • PEEC's most leisurely and flattest trail. This Trail has numerous benches to serve as observation points and resting spots.
  • This trail encompasses field, forest, and pond ecosystems
  • Watch for various birds and wildlife along this trail. 

View or Download the Trail for Everyone Trail Guide PDF.

Sensory Awareness Trail

 This trail is intended to increase sensory awareness.

  • A rope guides blindfolded users around a short loop trail.
  • Blindfolds can be picked up at the main office.
  • The Sensory Awareness Trail is located just past the entrance to the Tumbling Waters and Fossil Trails.

Biodiversity at PEEC

The enjoyment and study of nature and natural systems is a focal point at PEEC.  Our proximity to 200,000 acres of public lands, including the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA), numerous state parks, forests, and game lands offers a world of opportunities for our guests to explore, such as:    

  • shady hemlock gorges
  • the scenic Delaware River
  • diverse lowland and upland forests and fields
  • ponds, streams, & waterfalls
  • the unique flora and fauna found in boreal bogs
  • rock outcrops containing 400 million year old fossils


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