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Naif in the Forest by Darrell Berger

Wing Tips to Hiking Boots: Musings of a New, Full-Time Poconos Resident 

In reference to last week’s entry on the ginkgo tree, here is one in Milford, PA on the corner of Broad and Catherine, in front of the jewelry store. Note that a large pile of leaves is at its base. There are a number of ginkgos along Broad, from this one to the building formerly known as Fretta’s. Many, but not all, have a similar pile of leaves, indicating that most of the leaves fell about the same time. 

I also noted that the stems from which the leaves fell look unlike those on any other tree. This shows the ginkgo’s unusual chemistry, which causes all its leaves to fall at once, or nearly so. 

I’ve walked by these trees many times without noting or understanding their unique place in the biosphere. There are so many wonders in the world. We ought not to just walk on by.

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