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July 3 to July 7 - Creek Week

Go creek stomping in this stream-lined week of water fun. Look under rocks to see what lives beneath, look for frogs and fish, and explore our ponds and waterways. Water shoes are a must for this week! Senior Naturalist campers will go on a river day trip.

July 10 to July 14 - Camper's Choice

What to learn knot tying? Make upcycled crafts? In this new camper-led week campers can help choose a theme and help plan their groups activities! Each group will still have time to go swimming, hiking and do all the things that make PEEC's camp great!

July 17 to July 21 - Nature Gone Wild

What makes an animal wild? Are humans wild or domesticated? We will answer these questions through hands-on exploration, activities, and games. Junior and Senior Naturalists will design and lead a camp-wide Nature Olympics.

July 24 to July 28 - PEEC Rocks!

Don't take geology for granite! Enjoy a gneiss week of exploring the geology and history of our planet from ancient animals to modern day wildlife. Junior Naturalists will go on a quarry trip to collect real fossils. Senior Naturalists will go on a cave trip.

July 31 to August 4 - Outdoor Living Skills

Learn methods of living off the land that humans have developed, shelter building, and fire building techniques. Senior Naturalists will have the option to build and sleep in primitive shelters.

August 7 to August 11 - Water World

Water, water everywhere! Get your feet wet while exploring ponds, muck raking, and experiencing the Delaware River watershed. Junior Naturalists campers will go off-site to explore local creeks and even the Delaware River

August 14 to August 18 - Messy Mayhem

Do you like slimy, ooey gooey messes? This week we'll find as many ways possible to send campers home covered in mud, paint or other goopy goodness.

August 21 to August 25 - Superpowers

Salamanders can regrow a limb. Fleas can jump 200 times their height. Bumblebees can sense electrical fields in flowers. Search for splendid superpowers surrounding us in the natural world.


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 Age groups are based on the grade campers will be entering in fall 2017.

POLLIWOG (5 years old - 2nd grade)

Learn by doing while exploring the outside world under the supervision of trained camp staff.  Your child will enjoy games, crafts, and outdoor discoveries in a group with a maximum of 14 children.

WET AND SLIMY (3rd - 4th grade) 

Wet and Slimy campers experience fun craft projects, games, hikes, and nature discovery sessions. Campers are encouraged to explore the natural world around them while being closely supervised by our experienced staff in a group of maximum 16 children. 

JUNIOR NATURALIST (5th - 7th grade)

Junior Naturalist campers participate in creative activities that nurture their natural curiosity about the environment, including interpretive hikes, educational games, fun projects, and much more! Thursdays feature an optional late-night program for an additional $10 that includes campfire cooking and ends at 8pm (van transportation is not available for the late night activity). 

SENIOR NATURALIST (8th - 11th grade)

Senior Naturalist camp weeks are designed to encourage campers to experience new things. Each week is filled with exciting adventures and challenges. The experiences they have and the skills they learn will prepare them for the future. Non-residential weeks include a Thursday overnight at PEEC's tent site and dinner over a campfire.

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